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Thursday, May 26, 2011


salam ukhuwah fillah!!
     For my opinion, Success means something that achieves positive result. As illustrate, success means a person or thing that has achieved a good result and been successful. There also means that are the achieving of the result wanted or hoped for, its means the fact that we have achieve something that we want and have been trying to do that or get it. For example student is struggles to study to get success in his life. Success are very meaningful in our life. If we success on something we do, we will happy always without thinking about another problem. But if we fail in our study or other else, we will sad and disappointed to life. Success are very meaningful and important in our life today. If we don’t have knowledge so we can’t to success. We can programmed our mind set to understand that someone get success from knowledge his get. Thus, it is important to student to understand benefit of knowledge that will raise our position in along side of Allah and people.   


 For my view, I think a good criteria for success is we must struggle to get something we want or hoped for. Other than that, we must avoid barriers to thinking and critical thinking to be successfully in our life. Besides that, our mind set has programmed truly after we conscious that benefit of success. The characteristic gives momentum to high spirit to effort for success. Other than that, we must have motive to attempt the success. The criteria will make someone looks like good person that have high knowledge. Nowadays, people looks someone by his successful their life. If they success, so people like to friends with them. There are several criteria by success.

   Firstly, We must chase the ambition because it will increase our effort to success. We must think that knowledge are very important in our life. We can’t success without knowledge. Ambition should be in our soul to be intension than people without ambition.

  Secondly, We also must practice what we have studies, as imam al-Ghazali said to his son, that knowledge if not have practice it not freedom someone from hell even have read it 100 times, we not yet get Rahmah from Allah except practice the knowledge to success. When we practice knowledge, it will easy to us to understand more to the knowledge that we studies.

     Other criteria that I think is avoid something bad such as we must manage our times properly to get success in our life, we can do something that will give benefit to success. Thus we must think the bad or benefit  if want to do something ,it is right way to success.

      Fourthly, we must think positive that we can success. Even we do many way to success but when we think that we will success so we can success. But we cannot think negative about success such as we think that we can’t do it. So the result will make us sad.

     Fifthly, I think good criteria for success we must always pray to Allah. When we think Allah we will feel calm to do something such as study. Besides that, if we feel bored and stress to study or do something that gives benefit, pray to Allah to get protection from Allah because it is incitement of Satan.
     We also must respect our teacher that give knowledge to us. It very meaningful. Also thank to them that ready to share their knowledge with us.

     The last but not least, we must consistence to effort with something we do without giving up. We can success with this characteristic. As many writer of book said that important study with consistence. We will get best result when we consistence to do something.

         Lastly, take charge of our healthy. By hadis of Prophet Muhammad, he likes swimming, archery and so on. So we also must take care our healthy to give physical and mind to health than we will do something to get success in our life.


    I attain it as 3 years to success because I think it good times to get successful in our life, success are very meaningful in our life. I will attain it as I’m said as above in criteria by success. I will follow what good way or good criteria to get success. As illustrate, I will practice the knowledge, I sincere to get knowledge. I can do better before this. I want to success from getting knowledge in bachelor of Arabic language.

Besides that, I think I always think bad and good of something before I do it.
 I have got many success in my life from I stayed in standard one, I always got success in my life. I also get highest mark than other friend in my school.
In UPSR I have got just 1a but after 3 years I study hard to get success back, so I’ve got 5a in PMR also Jayyid Jiddan in my SMA then 5A in SPM. But I always thankful to Allah that gives me chance to success.
     Lastly, I be there at IIUM to continue my study in Arabic course.
Here I still effort to be success. Because I think it is important to me to success now. So I also do all criteria that I’m said just now.

    My mission in short term, I want to study all that I have studies. And I want to practice it to easy to me to understand the knowledge. I also want to success now to continue my study at overseas such as Syria, Madinah, Jordan and others. I want get MASTER and PHD in my life.  

   After that I will married with man that understand my job. I also want to be lecturer or translator or guide tourist that involve me with Arabic language. I also want to influence to speak in English and Arabic. That’s it will make me power in reciting Quran and I will understand it meanings. Besides that I want to go the  Makkah with my family to do hajj and umrah.  It is my mission in long term.
  Lastly, I think all of people will success while we have all good criteria to success. Also pray to Allah to get success. I also want to success in my life because it is very important to me.  Allah always helps people that want his protection. So we must always pray to Allah to get success in our life. I also do it.


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